An ideal state of Mind

Our country has many attractive regions for national and international tourism, however there is none that meets all the attributes offered by the largest municipality in Mexico: Ensenada.

Here are located two of the most beautiful and contrasting National Parks that we can imagine; the Constitución 1857 park and the Sierra San Pedro Mártir park, the latter has the National Astronomical Observatory and “El Picacho del Diablo”, the highest mountain on the peninsula from where we can observe both seas at the same time, the Pacific and the Sea of ​​Cortez.

The flora of the region offers us from a gigantic catus in deserts that are lost in the sea, to forests of Conifers and Encinos. The fauna, made up of hundreds of birds, reptiles, fish and mammals in general, is one of the most varied in the country. It also has protected areas such as the Giant Cartus Forest, Gulf Islands and the Valle de Guadalupe biosphere, among others. As expected, these natural features make Ensenada an irresistible destination for the thousands of eco-tourists who love adventure and contemplation.

Despite all the above, Ensenada is perhaps best known for another of its unique attributes, we refer to its wine activity. Currently here we find more than 150 wineries that together produce 90% of Mexican wine. The world-famous “Ruta del Vino” or “Wine Route” that crosses the Valle de Guadalupe, San Antonio de las Minas, Ojos Negros, La Grulla, Santo Tomás and San Vicente, between green hills and mountains, offers countless corners where to stop to taste a good glass of wine and hundreds of culinary options that have been recognized by personalities such as Anthony Bourdain, who referred to this region as “A little Tuscany”.

The accommodation options in the city of Ensenada are many and for all budgets, so that visitors can comfortably enjoy the urban attractions that include a wide variety of restaurants that earned it to be considered by UNESCO as a "Creative City" by its great gastronomic offer. You can also visit its exhibition centers or simply walk through the streets visiting squares and markets while enjoying the characteristic hospitality of the Ensenadans. As if this were not enough, Ensenada is also considered the "Off Road Capital of the World" for its famous "Baja 1000" race, the most important off-road motoring competition in the world in its category, and one of the most active Surf Reserves on the planet. . This has made this city the most visited tourist port in the Pacific with more than 700,000 tourists arriving by land and by sea each year.

Visiting Ensenada is knowing a different, new, vibrant and constantly growing Mexico that always welcomes tourists from all over with open arms. Come to know Ensenada. We promise you will not forget us and you will want to return again.