Privace Note

For website users

The present privacy notice has the purpose of informing you about the treatment that will be given to your personal data, when it is collected, used, stored and/or transferred by Desarrolladora Inmobiliaria Pacifica, S.A. de C.V., from now on known as ¨PACIFICA¨, who is responsible for your personal data, with address at Kilómetro 10.5 Carretera a San Luis S/N, Parque Industrial Las Californias, Mexicali, C.P. 21394, Baja California, México and found on the following website:

The personal data provided by you through the website, will be protected in agreement to what is stated in the Mexican Data Protection Law (LFPDPPP), its regulations and the privacy notice guidelines, published in the Official Gazette on January 17th, 2013. The data owner will be able to obtain a copy of these laws and dispositions at any given moment at the Responsible address, through the Department of Personal Data or by sending a request to the following email address: .

"PACIFICA" collects your personal data with the following purpose, which is necessary for the requested service: Contacting you in order to take care of your request or question.

By sending and/or delivering your information, you authorize the treatment of your personal data for the purposes here detailed.

"PACIFICA" informs you what personal data is collected in order to achieve the purpose described in the present privacy notice: name, telephone number and email. All of this data is necessary for providing you with the requested service.

"PACIFICA" collects and/or uses and/or stores and/or transfers your personal data, according with the LFPDPPP; "PACIFICA" will be able to use your personal data for other purposes, as long as they are analogous to the previously stated purpose or are specifically authorized or requested by you.

We inform you that "PACIFICA" will share your personal data domestically with companies that belong to the same business group as "PACIFICA", making sure that these companies keep the adequate security, administration, technology and physical measures, to protect your personal data. As well we announce to you that at the moment that any of these companies receive your personal data, they become responsible for the treatment of your personal data and will only treat your data in agreement to the present privacy notice, that is, for the same purpose as the one they were collected for. In the case that a business relationship between the data owner and any of the companies that form part of Grupo "PACIFICA" initiates, you will be informed with the corresponding privacy notice.


(Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition to the Treatment of your Personal Data)

We inform you that you have the right to Access your personal data so you can know which one we maintain and the treatment that it is being given. Right to Rectification to ask for the correction of your personal information in case it has gotten old, is inexact or incomplete. Cancelation so your information will be erased from our record or data base when you consider that it is being used inadequately; and the right to Opposition to the use of your data for specific reasons.

For the practice of any of your ARCO rights you will be able to submit a request through one of the following means:

Before Desarrolladora Inmobiliaria Pacifica, S.A. de C.V.´s Department of Personal Data, directly at Kilómetro 10.5 Carretera a San Luis S/N, Parque Industrial Las Californias, Mexicali, C.P. 21394, Baja California, México.

In relation with the procedure and requirements for the practice of your ARCO rights, we inform you the following:

The data owner must identify through a valid official ID with a picture included, in case of a person other than the owner, he or she must identify and show a proxy signed by the data owner, and two witnesses. This information will not be collected by "PACIFICA", it will only be collated by the department of personal data.

The way for the data owner to practice his or her ARCO rights is by means of a handwritten and signed document addressed to Desarrolladora Inmobiliaria Pacifica S.A. de C.V. This document must contain the data owner’s complete name and signature, address, email to receive an answer. It must also contain the description of the rights it pretends to execute. The ARCO rights will also be subject of practice using the formats that you can get in "PACIFICA"´s department of personal data.

In a period of no more than twenty working days, starting to count from the day we receive your access, rectification, cancelation or opposition request, we will determine a resolution and let you know it, to the effect of making it effective in the following fifteen working days. In the case of personal data access requests, it will proceed after the accreditation of the requestor identity. The periods of time previously stated can be expanded only once for an equal amount of time and when justification for it exists.

The resolution will be given through an email sent to the email address given in the ARCO request or, in the Responsible´ s physical address at the end of the first twenty working days period. After the fifteen working days period it will be able to become effective, this is, to aloud the access, rectification, cancelation or resolve the opposition of the personal data treatment.

We inform you that the information will be given printed or digital, depending on the way requested by the owner of the data.

In order for you to revoke and restrict the use and exposure of your personal information, we inform you that "PACIFICA" has a personal data department that is in charge of protecting your personal data, processing ARCO rights requests and informing you about the treatment, use and exposure of your data. For more information please address the department at Kilómetro 10.5 Carretera a San Luis S/N, Parque Industrial Las Californias, Mexicali, C.P. 21394, Baja California, México, or through an email sent to

It is not possible to exercise of the ARCO rights through the beforehand mentioned email, since the personal data department must be sure of the data owner identity. Please use the email to obtain information related to the present privacy notice, the personal data protection project, monitoring of the ARCO request, consent revocation and limitation of the use and exposure of your personal data.

You can withdraw your consent, in case you have given it for the treatment of your personal data or limit its use and exposure. Please consider that we will not be able to attend to your request or resolve the treatment of the data in an immediate way, since it is possible we are bound by a legal cause to keep on making use of your personal data. As well, you must consider that for some purposes, the revocation of your consent will imply that the hotel services will become impossible, making it the end of your link with "PACIFICA".

In order to carrying out any process before the department of personal data, you must identify yourself through a valid official ID with a picture included, and submit a handwritten document with the characteristics described in point A of the present notice, pointing out your wish to Revoke and/or restrict the use and exposure of your personal information.

To obtain information about the process and requirements for revoking your consent or limit the use and divulgation of your personal data or obtain information about the procedure, you can do it through any of the following:

Email address:

Or directly at Kilómetro 10.5 Carretera a San Luis S/N, Parque Industrial Las Californias, Mexicali, C.P. 21394, Baja California, México.


"PACIFICA" informs you that it does not use any web beacons, cookies or any other web tracker, nor does it store third party cookies in its website

Nevertheless, it has a Google Analytics tracking code, which is a universal tool for knowing the users behavior within the site and provides anonymous information about it; this information is obtained directly with Google and it is not stored in the "PACIFICA" platform.

Additionally, we provide the following links that can be found online, and that are not a responsibility of "PACIFICA", but can help you in consulting everything in reference to the first and second paragraph of this chapter:


The present notice may suffer modifications, changes or updates derived from new legal requirements, new projects, our own privacy practices or other causes

In case of making any changes or modifications to the privacy notice, we commit to keeping you informed about them. If a change or modification where to happen to the present notice, "PACIFICA" we´ll notify this change through our Personal Data Department At the following address: Kilómetro 10.5 Carretera a San Luis S/N, Parque Industrial Las Californias, Mexicali, C.P. 21394, Baja California, México and will be published in our web page

"PACIFICA" is committed to the protection of your personal data, and has implemented personal data security and privacy policies in agreement to the obligations contained in the LFPDPPP.

We inform you that you can contact the Mexican Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI) at any moment if you consider that your right to the protection of your data has been violated.